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What is a LÚA Advocate?

LÚA Advocates are our brand and mission enthusiasts. They are a community dedicated to protecting Mothers’ holistic health and therefore see value in spreading awareness of LÚA’s offerings.

What is a LÚA Volunteer?

LÚA Volunteers are generous individuals who want to donate their time and skills to support our mission. Whether you host a fundraiser, raise your voice on an issue, or join one of our webinars, etc. your actions will help save Mothers’ lives.

What are the benefits of being a LÚA Advocate?

Earn 15% commission on any referrals that lead to a purchase. An individualized code will be provided to track all of your lead generations and funds will be deposited monthly on a specified date.  

What are the benefits of being a LÚA Volunteer?

Join our community and be a part of history as we grow to make a holistic birth recovery the new standard of maternal healthcare.

How do I become a LÚA Advocate or Volunteer?

Simply register using the form below and a member of the LÚA Team will review your submission to become an Advocate or Volunteer.

Once a decision has been made, you will be contacted and provided with all the necessary material to join our network.

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